Pat Pearlman Designs

Sculpture to Wear


Her work has been influenced by the delicacy and sensuality of Art Nouveau, minimalism and earth’s inhabitants. Her images exemplify her love of nature and gemstones, interest in symbolism, balance and harmony.

From Erie, PA to Cape Cod to the Bay area, the Northwest to Alaska and now in Hawaii, Pat’s adventurous spirit has found a home for 25 years.

Pat has a BFA from Syracuse University. Her minimalist paintings and symbolic stone carvings show the diversity in her creative interests. Her cast wax carvings of nature’s images reflect her surroundings. Her recent work in gemstones, pearls and unusual beads are classic, timeless expressions of the materials.

Pat’s work can be found in her Holualoa Gallery and in many others across the islands, in Alaska and on the mainland.


While on the Big Island, stop by Pat Pearlman Designs,

located in the historic pink Kona Hotel in Holualoa, upslope from Kailua Kona, Hawai'i.

She has something for everyone, from small sterling pendants to diamond beads.

You will not only enjoy Pat's gallery, but also the many other galleries in the charming village of Holualoa.

(808) 328-8366   (808) 990-5686